About Paul Carter


Paul has worked in the IT industry for 20 years, working with clients, large and small, with professional, courteous service.  From individual computers, to multi-national networks,Paul has the proven skills and abilities to get the job done.  Working as a Systems Administrator for the past 8 years, Paul has helped guide businesses in the right direction for the most productive and cost effective outcomes.

About Top of Center Technologies Ltd.

Top of Center Technologies was established in 2009, and Incorporated in 2015.  Utilizing the skills and training gained over years of working in the IT Industry, TOCT was established to provide businesses excellent, cost effective IT service.

Through our business model, we provide professional service to most aspects of business needs, as it pertains to Information Services.  As every business has computer needs, from simple word processing and spreadsheets, to email, and financial services, this is a cost that has no return on investment.  Therefore the need to keep these costs down is imperative.

Many Managed Services companies suggest that you need a lot of the "bells and whistles", and package everything in one nice neat bundle.  While sometimes it is needed, more often than not, you could be paying for services that you don't need, or can be provided in a more cost effective way.  The same goes for the expensive productivity software.  Let us show you how we can help you get more "bang for your buck".

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